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Dec 23, 2002, 05:05 PM
Originally posted by agreenster
Making a negative comment about someones amateur work is just rude.

But apparently calling someone a "dickhead" isn't.... :rolleyes:

I dont care how off the audio is, this little movie is really good for a dad with his camera.

agreed the move is very good, very cute. But i did also have a hard time making out what his daughter was saying.

If you really want to be picky, you could go crazy about the audio, the fact that the white balance is off, and the resolution is poor. But thats RUDE. This dad is showing off his creativity, not AV skills.

he wasn't being picky....I think macduffer was letting him know this way he could remix it in imovie lowering the music volume.

Besides, I wasnt the one who flew off the handle and screamed on here about typos and punctuation.
no you just decided to call him a dickhead... :rolleyes:

If he's going to scream at me, Ill just politely tell him to check himself. (and throw in a mean name)
yeah because you've been nothing but polite.:rolleyes:

Obviously, he has no hard time being critical of other people, so he should be able to take some criticism as well.

Yes but there is a difference between personal attacks and criticism. Your post was the former...

Regardless, I didnt throw this thread off topic. I continued to discuss this cute girls switch ad in my first post, and we should all continue to
do so.

I believe you did throw the post off topic..
i think anytime you call someone a "dickhead" you've just changed the direction of the whole thread....