View Full Version : Renaming a partition on the Mac

Aug 13, 2013, 02:54 AM
Recently my macbook pro was fried so I've bought a new MacBook Pro and restored from a Time Machine backup on a GoFlex NAS. I had been backing up two partitions, a system partition with apps and a data partition. I was able to restore the system partition using the Migration Assistant, and had to move the files from the data partition manually by opening up SparseBundle.

Issue is I want to rename the 2nd partition to what it was on the old machine. It won't let me because it created a folder with the same name as the old partition. It keeps appending a "1" to the end of the partition name. I want to rename it because some applications on the system partition reference files on the data partition. Even if I deleted that folder I can't rename the 2nd partition to what it was before (i am using "Get Info" to try to rename it in Finder).

The macbook is running Mountain Lion.

How to do?