View Full Version : Help with Unknown Device?

Sep 3, 2013, 10:06 AM
This is probably a long shot but I was wondering if anyone could help me brainstorm.

Long story short, lightening hit a pole by my condo and my electricity was out for a few days. Fortunately the only thing that got fried was my (last gen) airport extreme. I figured I would save $150 and give the Netgear N600 a try.

I setup fresh with new SSID's and passwords etc. Everything works great except - in both my macbook's WIFI dropdown at the bottom is: "Devices: SETUP". When I choose it, the WIFI logo has a little computer inside it and I drop off my network. There is then an option to "disconnect from SETUP". I cannot figure out what this is??

I turned off the netgear and it's still there. I turned off my wireless printer, still there. I have 2 apple TV's on the network (wireless), 2 iPhones, a NEST and a kindle.

Anyone have ANY idea what this is? I know it's hard to troubleshoot without being at my home.