View Full Version : Changing ID3 tags so they are the same in finder&itunes

Sep 7, 2013, 02:00 PM

I've been having some very frustrating issues with ID3 tags as well as double copies of songs in my finder. I just couldn't fit the issue with doubles in to the title!

Anyway, I spent a bunch of time manually changing the song information on songs in iTunes by clicking Command+I and typing in the required info...I thought this would change the name of the file itself since iTunes is a mac program....but no, when I go in to finder all of the songs are still not labelled correctly, and if I click on it to play it imports a new version of the same track into iTunes, once again polluting it with a poorly labelled song..SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

How can I permanently change the ID3 tag so it is the same no matter what application or program I play the song in?

Also, for some reason I have doubles of EVERY song....why is this happening? It
happens when I download stuff for some reason. I'll end up with a double copy. This is draining my memory and causing me a lot of frustration.
Definitely regretting buying a mac....every freaking application has some maddening quirk that makes everything a major pain in my A.

Please help!!!