View Full Version : What strategy to change bundle ID/App name

Sep 17, 2013, 07:06 AM
Ok, I think I messed up a bit with my first app. The bundle ID I chose was not smart. I understand that I can't change that one, kind of "burned".

I plan a new version of my app with new features and want to use the same app name. I wonder if I could rename my current app (via a little update) with the "bad" bundle ID and setup a new version of my app with the "smarter" bundle ID and the current name of the "bad" bundle ID.

What would be you suggestion to cleanup a bundle ID/AppName mismatch ?

Sep 17, 2013, 09:18 AM
The Bundle ID is so non-visible, is it really that important to change?

If so, just submit a new version of your app, with the same name, but new Bundle ID. I believe this is how some developers are implementing the idea of paid-upgrades.