View Full Version : IOS 7. Here are my problems so far

Sep 22, 2013, 07:02 AM
So I updated to the latest: IOS 7 on both my Ipad and Iphone.

Did this during an international trip and following weirdness appeared:

Movies rented through Itunes suddenly are not able to play after stopping play.
When I resumed, a message appeared that the movie expired.
That after just 4 hours since I first started playing it.
I was changing airplanes and could not continue watching the movie I started watching on the previous plane because it "expired". Boy, was I pissed!

So instead of finishing watching the movie, I settled and decided to continue reading a book which I checked out from a Brooklyn Library using Overdrive App.
That did not work either.....Overdrive just shut down every time I tried opening the book. Overdrive is now the latest version and still will not let me open a book (which has 10 more days until due back).

The rented movie started playing again once I got home and connected to my home WIFI.

Also, I do not care for look of the user interface in IOS7, liked the look of 6 much better.