View Full Version : 2013 MBA haswell crashes while using aiprlay for spotify

Sep 26, 2013, 04:49 AM
i have a 2013 MBA haswell and an ipad mini.

i also have an apple tv .i use it for music streaming . streaming spotify from mba and ipad mini.

i have a problem.

when i use my mba and stream with airplay to apple tv it crashes after 20 min or 30 mins. apple tv is connected to onkyo music system with optic cable.

it crashes mean it sound turns back to MBA. onkyo music system goes silent. and MBA speakers give the sound
and i need to start airplay mirroring again.

but i listen from ipad mini for hours and it doesnt crash.

note: i dont let mba goes sleep. it crashes while i use it.

i cant solve the problem. please help

thank u very much