View Full Version : Itunes Radio problems on AppleTV

Sep 29, 2013, 11:38 AM
Dunno if others are having similar issues. Some of the problems I have with iTunes radio are happening on both my iPhone and AppleTV. But this issue happens mainly on the AppleTV: I cannot seem to add (or see) more than 10 songs/bands I like and 10 songs/bands I want it to never play again. I know I've added around 20 bands to the "like" area, but I see only 10 in AppleTV. Adding another one boots one off my list!

What's worse- it seems to pretty much ignore what I do. It refuses to play Daft Punk and Adele (just an example). But it loves to play Justin Bieber even though I keep telling it to never play. It plays and plays and plays him.