View Full Version : Reason 3's non-standard midi controller data behaviour driving me nuts!

Dec 3, 2005, 02:09 PM
For comparison, here's the labels off the front of the Evolution MK-249c controller with the corresponding midi control numbers they send out:

1 Control #18 Pan
2 Control #11 Expression
3 Control #12 Effect1
4 Control #13 Effect2
5 Control #91 Reverb
6 Control #93 Chorus
7 Control #94 Delay
8 Control #95 Phaser
9 Control #73 Attack
10 Control #72 Release
11 Control #74 Cut Off
12 Control #71 Resonance

I can confirm this controller keyboard works fine with rebirth and any other software synth or sequencer I've ever used it with that responds to STANDARD midi controller data!

unlike the Reason 3.0.4 demo...

1 Control #18 NOTHING!
2 Control #11 Filter 1 Resonance
3 Control #12 Filter 2 Frequency
4 Control #13 Filter 2 Resonance
5 Control #91 Filter Envelope Attack
6 Control #93 Filter Envelope Decay
7 Control #94 Filter Envelope Sustain
8 Control #95 Filter Envelope Release
9 Control #73 Amp Envelope Attack
10 Control #72 Amp Envelope Decay
11 Control #74 Amp Envelope Sustain
12 Control #71 Amp Envelope Release

Does anyone know a way round this? maybe a 3rd party app that lets you remap income control data from a midi device on the fly? This problem is unforgivable on propellerheads' part as far as I'm concerned :mad:

Dec 3, 2005, 08:31 PM
you can reassign in reason.

remote override edit mode. or you can find the file that remote uses... open it in text editor and be careful to maintain spacing.

the name of the text file has something to do with the specific controllers name...sorry but i cant remember that detail right now.

Dec 4, 2005, 05:32 PM
The other way to do it would be to re-assign the controls on the keyboard to what you want them to do in Reason.

In the Reason folder, there should be a MIDI implementation chart which shows the control number for all functions of the various instruments.

If I remember correctly, the MK-259c can store presets, so you could have one set of controls for Reason, another for Rebirth etc.