View Full Version : Help getting Harmony 520 remote to work please!

Dec 10, 2005, 06:53 PM
First off i have to say that i love this remote!! It does most everything very well. The only problem i am having is getting it to control my DVD/VCR combo player. I have it set up to turn everything on and it works very well for the DVD player, but when i try to switch to the VCR side it does some "weird things" with the controls. It turns everything on just fine but i have no control over stopping, playing, pauseing, etc. of the VCR side of the player. I can do all of this when a DVD is playing but not when a tape is playing.

Does anyone have any idea why or how to fix it?

I am starting to think that a DVD/VCR combo machine is a pain. THe only remote that i have found that controls it correctly is the original that came with the device.

Any help would be apreciated. Thanks

Dec 11, 2005, 11:38 AM
Well, i got it working with a little call to the tech support people. They were colsed last night so i called this afternoon.

A mini review on the remote:
The thing is GREAT!! I got the cheapest one of the bunch ($100) and the thing is great. I only have four devices (right now) for it to control but it does it very well. The best part is the web based setup, which is REALLY easy. another great feature is how the remote turns on everything you need and sets the correct inputs when you press the button. The remote controls all my devices flawlessly...finally. The only hickup i had was that the button on the remote for stop, play, pause, FF, and RW did not work when playing a VCR. I could use the display to stop, play pause, etc. but not the buttons on the remote. As call to the logitech support people and a about 10 min later the buttons were working and everything was GREAT. I dont know exactly what the tech person did but he asked for my member name and password so he could make the changes and all i had to do was sing in also and hit update remote, after that everything worked great!!

Love the remote and highly suggest one for anyone that has "a few" electronic devices to control.

Oh, and i have an HD dish 811 reciver and this is the first remote i have found that works with it. I called dish and told them that i wanted to get the 811 remote to work with an older dish reciever and that i had replaced the 811 with on that could control everything. The dish person was very surprised and asked what brand i had so i told him. The thing with dish is that they are very "tight" with the remotes and recievers and it is hard to find a remote that will control there recievers. This logitech works perfect with the dish.

Long post i know but hopefully this can help someone else who is looking at gettting a logitech harmony remote.