View Full Version : Protools 002 digital Link to Yamaha o3d

Dec 11, 2005, 02:35 AM
I am having trouble having protools 002 Rackmount talking to the Yamaha O3d desk. I have the optical out connected from the YGDAI Adat card plugged into the protools oo2 'optical in' and the protools 'optical out' to the in on the YGDAI Adat card in the o3d.
I have the o3d desk world clock loked at 44.1 and protools is setup for the same.
I have created an audio track in protools which is running on a g5 /OStiger.
I have selected Adat 1 mono as the input interface
and Adat 1 as the output interface.
but...... it still reads at the top of both interface dropdown menus as 'no input' & 'no output'
I have a music source going into the o3d and there is a signal but I just cant get protools to receive it.

If I have posted this in the wrog place...appologies in advance to all concerned. Its 38celcius here at the moment and I'm going troppo!

Dec 11, 2005, 06:03 AM
This may have to do with your I/O setup in Protools, you'll need to activate new pathways for the digital interface i/o's before they become active in the drop down menus.