View Full Version : Afraid to buy a new 5G iPod

Dec 17, 2005, 11:42 AM
I currently havea 4GB mini which for the most part I love dearly (except for the click wheel being a little undersensitive) but I am being foced to delete songs to fit more on since my library ballooned from 3.8GB to 9.7GB after my uncle gave me all his music too. I bought an iPod last year on boxing day but didn't like it because it was too big so I got the mini a few months later instead. The 5G one's are slim and have good battery life but I haveheard of easy scratches on the screen and the click wheel breaking and of course, the annoying Apple habit of never knowing when a new version is coming out. Are my worries true? or did my friend lie to me? Any advice would be great. :cool:

Dec 17, 2005, 12:53 PM
The screen doesn't really scratch that much easier, but you may notice it more, (colour screen, materials, the way the light shines off both of these).

To be honest, keep it in the protective sleeve it comes with or buy some hard wearing, see-through protection and you will be more than happy with the purchase. I am still sticking with my 4G Photo, but if/when they make them widescreen, with larger displays, more generally video orientated, I will probably get a new one. Since it stays in a case and in my pocket, I am happy for now.

Dec 17, 2005, 01:41 PM
ok thanks! i dont really need it as a video player because I have a psp for that and the quality of the UMD videos are amazing on the little screen, plus I can play GTA...

Dec 17, 2005, 02:05 PM
I recently purchased a 60GB iPod with video and I absolutely love it. I heard about all the rumours of it scratching so I also purchased an invisibleSHIELD protector, just do the same. The current iPods are fantastic, I've owned a 3G, Photo, and now a 5G the 5G is definitely the nicest. I also own a PSP and while the screen on the PSP is nicer for watching video it just doesn't have the 60GB of space you get with an iPod (I have no interest in buying UMDs when I can buy DVDs and rip them), so I actually watch video on the iPod now and use the PSP just for gaming.

Dec 17, 2005, 06:00 PM
I agree with risc about the shield and storage, but I still wouldn't use it to watch that many videos, but that's my personal preference. If I wanted a video player too, I would wait for a larger, higher resolution, widescreen iPod. If you use it as Apple intended, (i.e. as a portable music player that can hold photos and play video), you will find either the 30Gb or 60GB as fantastic purchases. The 30GB is so thin compared to previous iPods too, very much in depth to your mini, just wider. The screen taking up most of the width of the iPod also makes it look great.

Dec 17, 2005, 06:18 PM
The 30GB is so thin compared to previous iPods too, very much in depth to your mini, just wider.
That was the #1 feature that sold me when I first saw the 5G 30GB. I looked at it and took out the 4G 20GB that was in my pocket and headed straight for the cashier... (The bigger color screen was a nice bonus).

Now 5 weekas after I got it and daily use it does not have a signle scratch on it. I applied a Matin Fields screen protector to the front side and generally keep it in the Apple provided case when I don't need to see the screen or use the dock connector.


Dec 17, 2005, 06:46 PM
I am VERY happy with my new 5th Gen. iPod. Watching videos on it is great. I haven't watched a movie on it yet, but I have been watching video podcasts (Well, just CommandN) and I love it. I have my entire iTunes library on it with plenty of room to spare. I had a 4GB mini before I got this and the mini just didn't have enough space for me. Also, I bought an Agent 18 video shield for it and it seems to protect it very well. The only complaint I have with the case is that it scratches rather easily, but it's better than the iPod being scatched. So yeah, I say go for it. They are great!