View Full Version : Ipod 5G problem - not seeing any songs!

Dec 18, 2005, 04:38 PM
Hi - last week i finally caved in an bought an Ipod - worked beautifully to start with, but I was having problems with podcasts not organising so did a reset (select/play buttons for ? seconds) to reload my itunes from scratch. Now the menus on the ipod do not detect the songs. ie if I go in to songs, artists or whatever through the ipod main menu, there is nothing there, however itunes tells me it has loaded succuesfully, and if I view my ipod as a disk drive, the songs are there.

Any advice?


Dec 18, 2005, 05:01 PM
what i would do is open up the ipod updater and totaly wipe out the ipod and then update it again in itunes... when you restyore the ipod it reloads default software... if you do this all your songs in yout itunes library will be transferred back to you ipod, if that doesnt work hardware problem... go to apple store

Dec 18, 2005, 05:35 PM