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Dec 20, 2005, 08:39 AM
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Dec 20, 2005, 09:00 AM
This article expresses exactly what I have been thinking since the iPod connection kits for cars came out; this is only stage 1.
stage 2: a car stereo with build in iPod holder: fantastic!
stage 3: wireless iPod, no need to take it out of your pocket, connects with your car stereo. But they need to work on bluetooth to make this work

Dec 20, 2005, 11:23 AM
the closest thing to an iPod car were gonna get are the projects here and there using the iMac Mini i think.

in most cases, BMW, Mercedes, Infinity, etc... bluetooth for a cell phone alone is anywhere between 1k to 2k option.

i dont see this happening - the closest would be after market like Alpine or Pioneer, but not from Apple i dont think.

Now that the iPod video does, well, video, i wont if some of the iPod adapters from the car radio companies will allow control of the video as well. I love my alpine ipod adapter - it works well, but to stream the video through that same cable and choose videos from the radio controls would be a good adition to my lcd screen in the car.


Dec 20, 2005, 11:39 AM
I think the best bet would be to have a slight niche in the dashboard with a dock connector so that the iPod(Nano) can be placed upright - maybe it would lower enough to cover the scroll wheel, leaving only the screen visible. To hold it in place, perhaps some rubber-tipped "pegs" would extend once the iPod was secured; a release button would retract them.