View Full Version : What will Apple do in MWSF?

Dec 24, 2005, 07:54 AM
Base on Apple stop to offer 1G iPod shuffle and 4G iPod nano, I'm sure Apple will update its iPod faminly on MWSF
In my opinion, the new iPod family should be:
iPod shuffle: 256M/512M, $79/99, smaller and more colors
iPod nano: 1G/2G, $129/149
iPod x: 4G/8G, $199/249, 2.5-inch screen with video playback ability (because Sony and Creative have launched their 6G/8G microdrive mp3 player and Apple need a new video player to boost the video sale in iTunes Music Store)
iPod: 30G/60G, more video format support

PS: Apple released its first New Music Sampler in last year's MWSF, so i hope i will release a new one. :cool: (SONY/BMG Edition is best:D )

Dec 24, 2005, 08:02 AM
They haven't stopped offering the 4GB nano, there's just a long wait on them. It like when the mini came out - there was a six week or longer wait on them. Once they get supply sorted out the 4GB nanos will be back.

The 1GB shuffle is however out of stock, however I don't see the introducing a 256MB model. More likely is new versions of 512 and 1GB shuffles - a little smaller maybe and possibly available in black.

It's way too early to be introducing any other iPods, nanos will stay the same for another few months at least, they might go to 4GB and 8GB eventually to regain the price advantage the old mini had.

MWSF will most likely focus on the Mac (yeah, I know, crazy idea) with the introduction of Intel based models, and software.

Dec 24, 2005, 08:12 AM
im betting possibly new shuffles, but i doubt they revamp thier line as much as you say. they dont want to totally piss off consumers who just got junior a spankin new ipod nano for xmas. I am also betting on an intel book of somekind as well as a intel desktop of somekind.