View Full Version : 'old' PB 15'' or "new" intel/ibook for the avarege Joe???

Dec 28, 2005, 04:02 AM
My situation:

1-I've never owned an apple before.
2-I've dicided to move from PC to MAC!
3-I've chosen the worst time to do that!
4-I use basically Office, internet and some video/photo editing.
5-I've dicided to get a PB 15'' (probably one imac would fit for me but I want all whistles and bells!!!)
5-I'm moving out USA on late Feb so I need to get it by the end of January!!!

So I need some help:

With all this rumors around intel based PB it seems that I will not be able to get one on January but probably a intel/ibook... I have 2 options: get a PB or get the possible early released intel/ibook.

So basically my questions:

1- For my needs: What is the best option: intel/imac or IBM/PB??

2-As a PC user usually a PClap lasts around 4 years on my hand (I had 3 in the last 12 years) and could last even longer as my needs are pretty basic... How long should a PB 15'' last considering this transition era? How long should it run a MAC OS and basic softwares confortably??? LOOK: I really don't have time and energy to keep changing machines every other year! I'm a just avarege Joe! But, I really need a Lap for my work...

Thank you!!!

Dec 28, 2005, 04:20 AM
I know people who make a living with Photoshop on iMac G3's. And people who edit real movies on iBooks.

15" Powerbook will handle your needs with ease.

Also, since you've never owned a Mac, one piece of advice: don't spend too much time overloading yourself with info from rumor websites.

Get out there and buy one first.