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Dec 29, 2005, 12:08 AM
As most of the threads here seem to be about problems we are having with iPods, I'm curious to see if anyone here has any stories or general statements on being happy with their iPod? I'll go first. I just recieved my 30GB 5G Black iPod on christmas day. I figured out quickly how to get music and video on it, and how to use it with both computers (PowerBook G4 and iMac G5). I've been watching the battery life closely, and currently it's been playing on shuffle (no backlight) for 11 hours and 6 minutes. I haven't even calibrated the battery yet. I have yet to try putting photos on it, though. The iPod is beautiful, the interface is simple and clean, and I am totally happy with it :D

Dec 29, 2005, 12:12 AM
I totally agree with you I couldn't be happier with my iPod, especially with the fact that I applied my invisibleshield. I was looking at my friends that he got for christmas, its the same 30 gig black one as me without an invisible shield and its pretty scratched up. Mine is in perfect condition with no scratches and looks totally new and I got mine the week after they came out.

katie ta achoo
Dec 29, 2005, 12:14 AM
I got my 3G in June of 2003.
I looooooved it. It's what made me start thinking of Apple as a computer company, instead of one buttoned mouse mongerers. (I used to be the "ZOMG ONE MOUS BUTTEN, HOW DUZ IT WORK LOLZ!1~!" kinda gal)

I never cracked the instruction manual. I used ephPod instead of iTunes (remember my whole no apple thing?)
So, I was dogsitting for someone with an iMac G4. iPod halo going into effect, I started to use it. I was just like "dang, this sweet."
So, I decided.. summer job money = iBook G4.
Long story short, because of my 3G iPod, I won a PowerBook on Tiger night.

(I've never had a problem with it. The thing is <3 in MP3/AAC player form)

Dec 29, 2005, 12:18 AM
not necessarily about the iPod, but more about Apple's service, one time i had a buddy of mine from work worrying because he dropped his brand new 5g iPod, received 3 days after their 1st ship, in the toilet because it was knocked off the sink in his bathroom while he was brushing his teeth. the first thing that he did was call me, the only Mac user that he knew. I told him to call apple support and so he did. 4 days later he received a box on his doorstep with a perfect foam cutout of his iPod to be sent back to apple for repair. 8 days later he received a brand new iPod with the same engraving on it. He was amazed... and how did we know that it was new, not only had the hard drive not been initialized, but he called to verify that he received a new unit "by mistake". He was so happy that he bought an iBook as a gift for himself for Christmas. I've never had to use apple's customer service... but they took care of my buddy, now a life long customer, very very well.

**maybe not the "correct" thread for this post, but it was an iPod story.

Dec 29, 2005, 12:54 AM
I have a 5G iPod (See sig) and I love it sooo much, got it in November and applied an IS a week later. Perfect Condition, awesome battery life, great product.

Dec 29, 2005, 02:39 AM
My wife and I have had almost every gen of iPod (except Nano) and have had nothing but enjoyment from them. I am a big fan of music and owned lots of it prior to having an iPod, but it really has changed the way I listen to music. I can now listen to whatever I want whenever I want without having to carry around 30 pounds of cd books everywhere I go. I listen to ALOT more variety now.

Dec 29, 2005, 02:47 AM
My story of iPod love is here (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=168820)!

Dec 29, 2005, 12:41 PM
Great stories, everyone! Well, I ran the iPod until the battery died, and the total time it played was 11 and a half hours! I would have been happy with 6-8, but 11? I'm overjoyed :D

Dec 29, 2005, 12:51 PM
As most of the threads here seem to be about problems we are having with iPods, I'm curious to see if anyone here has any stories or general statements on being happy with their iPod? :D

Good thinking!

I have purchased 6 ipods for myself and family and have heard and reported nothing but good things! My 3rd gen 15 gig model holds all my music and because of it I listen to a wider variety than pre-ipod. I enjoy more music more often !
I recently bought a nano and have been thrilled with it. Having photos on it is great, they are tiny, but I can illustrate a story as I'm talking (man - the waves were huge, check this out... ) and it is so small I don't even notice it in my shirt pocket.
With all the concerns about scratches and what not- it's great to remind myself that in spite minor flaws, this is a great device!!!

Dec 29, 2005, 12:59 PM
My story is that my family together has purchased enough Ipods to rival the GDP of a small country. We have or have owned:

1 10GB 3G
2 1st gen Mini
1 2nd Gen mini
1 4GB nano
1 30GB 5G
2 60GB 5G

Just think, instead of all those ipods I could have paid for school! oh well..

Dec 29, 2005, 02:08 PM
My iPod stories:
First Drop:
It was sitting on my jacket on top of the kitchen table in the bag that held the belt clip that came with the 3Gs. My mother, not seeing the iPod, yanked my jacket, and it went flying, landing face down on the tile floor.
Worst drop:
I tried to put it in my pocket while taking something out of the trunk of my car. I missed my pocket :( There's now a small dent in the top.
And it still works fine. Needs a new battery though.

Dec 29, 2005, 03:10 PM
I love my ipod, its been dropped once on pavement but still works. The only thing I dont like about the ipod is that *Everybody* has them, I bought the ipod because its a great mp3 player. Not because *Everybody* has them.
And maybe its just me but it really annoys me when someone calls their ipod a nano, shuffle, mini, etc and leave out the ipod part. Once I herd someone say "I'm listeneing to my 4G". It just annoys me.
But the ipod is still a great mp3 player.

Dec 29, 2005, 03:21 PM
I bought my first iPod in April 2003, My first apple product before I had even heard of this place! I thought It was the most beautiful electronic product I had ever seen, bearing in mind I hadn't seen a iPod in person before.

Opening the box was great! (not like the crappy boxes you get with the new iPods.)

All the accessories I got with my 15GB iPod! WOW!!!

Music Match for windows with iPod drivers! did not really like that!

When I bought mine, Steve Jobs said that 100,000 iPods had been sold!!

No one had white earphones in their ears; times have changed!

Is owning an iPod special anymore?

I believe it is! the design is still amazing! shame about the box and lack of accessories you get in the box!

Dec 29, 2005, 03:30 PM
I bought an iPod 3G years ago, it didn't work properly. I took it back to the my reseller and they replaced it on the spot, it worked perfectly after a while I replaced it with a iPod photo, which worked perfectly, I recently sold the photo and purchased an iPod w/ video 60 GB. This iPod is by far the best one I've ever owned and I've had no problems with it at all. I heard rumours about them scratching so I ordered an invisibleSHIELD and a leather case for it. IMO it is the perfect portable media player.

Jul 6, 2006, 01:58 AM
I am an Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon that performs over 750 cases a year with my Ipod playing music in the background. About 50% of my patients have conditions that allow them to stay awake during surgery so I have to be "careful" of what is playing on the Ipod as I do their surgery. Furthermore, my patients that sleep through surgery seem to always remember the music that was playing upon their slumber and when they wake up from anesthesia. Of course this leads to funny situations when certain select songs come on. I had one patient complain that they remember hearing Billy Joel's "Only the good die young," when they entered the room. After years of tailoring our music having various playlists for particular patients (i.e., "Medicare Music" for my silver haired patients featuring crooners, swing and classics) we still every once in a while have funny things happen. "Rain Drops Keep falling on my head" was playing when a spontaneous leak occurred in the ceiling at a hospital during one of my cases. I have had Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" come on during a cat bite case where a patient came in with an infection. I had ZZtop's "Pearl Necklace" come on when I was making a string of antibiotic impregnated cement beads for a patient with a thumb infection.
All the above have occurred while the music was on song shuffle... very eerie. In the end I coined a phrase with my operative team for when an offensive song comes on during a patient's surgery.... We "Ipodogize" (apologize) to the patient. We have had to give a few Ipodogies (apologies) for our musical taste and poor timing over the years... but it sure beats silence in the operating room. :)

Jul 7, 2006, 01:21 AM
Once upon a time me and my friend were at the pool. We were talking to some people, neither of us had our suits on. I turn around to use the bathroom and the next thing I know I end up in the water. Pushed :mad: My friend and another guy both shoved me in the pool. What sucked is it was only 5 feet deep and I hit my head on the bottom of the pool.

To make things worse, I had my cell phone in my pocket, which fell out as I was in the water. It was on and it quickly died. So I said a few "naughty" words to them, and continued to make my way to the bathroom.

I come back from teh bathroom soakin wet and they r laughing and what not. I said ha ha that was really funny... u ruined my cell phone too...

My friend gets up to get food. Then it hits me. I'm still soaking wet, so how about I grab him, pick him up, and take him into the pool with me. Might aswell get those new stupid Kswisss shoes all wet he keeps wearing.

So I quickly charge him, gave him a big bear hug and we took a plunge. (No lifeguards here to get mad at us:) ) He got really pissed becuase he had his iPod in his pocket. After he gets out, he starts freaking out becuase he lost his ipod. I notice it at the bottom of the pool. So I pick it up and say "This iPod?" He yells at me to give it to him. I laugh... then throw it clear across the pool to the other side and said "go fetch"

So r we still friends? Yes. My cellphone is broke(though i have a free one now) and its odd. He wiped his iPod off with a towel after being in that pool. He blows on it to make sure the water is all gone. and he turns it on. and it WORKS :eek: Waterproof iPod Mini :rolleyes:

Scarlet Fever
Jul 7, 2006, 08:27 AM
Rest in peace, my 3rd Gen 10GB baby... sob... im sorry you had your HDD kicked in...

My current U2 iPod is perfect. I do baby it a bit, but after a few weeks of having it, i am yet to find a single hairline scratch on it, front, back or sides.

Jul 7, 2006, 08:48 AM
My 1G iPod didn't last very long, just over the year; but I've had my 3G for quite a while now and it may seem a little old in comparison to the 5G, but it's still going strong with good battery life. :)

Jul 7, 2006, 08:54 AM
I've had my 3G 40Gb since November 2003.

The battery eventually died after continual use all day every day, in January this year. That's almost 26 months on one battery, which I think is pretty good.

Replacement cost 10. Fitted myself (really easy to do).

Battery now lasts almost 16hrs on a charge.

I've never been happier with a small piece of harware. :D

Jul 7, 2006, 08:57 AM
I have in my house (all functioning) not all mine BTW - one for me and one for the wife

2 - 1G 5 GB
2 - 3G 40 GB (Both with replaced batteries)
1 - 5G 60 GB - this baby is my iPod of choice.

I've never had a problem with any of these iPods - ever.

I helped to land client for my company a few weeks ago with my iPod. I was in a meeting discussing in-store POS options when the client asked us if we could do video kiosk work. Nobody in our group had any samples of that work with us. I broke out my iPod video which has my work reel on it, plugged it into their speakers and had a mini movie fest. The client loved it and ended up signing a contract with us that day. iPod to the rescue!

Jul 7, 2006, 02:12 PM
I recieved a new Ipod nano today from my parents, with 'Congratulations Adam on Achieving Your Degree!" lazered onto the back. That was a nice 'ipod' moment / story for me :D

Jul 7, 2006, 09:49 PM
finding my ipod after I lost it

more relieving than anything

Jul 7, 2006, 09:54 PM
I got my iPod stolen on the last day of school before summer vacation. Fun times. :rolleyes:

Jul 7, 2006, 09:56 PM
I got my iPod stolen on the last day of school before summer vacation. Fun times. :rolleyes:

did you get it back?

Jul 8, 2006, 01:50 AM
I had a G3 iPod until I took it away with me to basic training..............

It was broken during a routine room/locker inspection by a fat repugnant sergeant......

Jul 8, 2006, 04:10 AM
My iPod Mini 2nd Gen started to die slowly, due to battery problems. It was still under warranty by only a few weeks. I sent it off to Apple 2 weeks ago, and they replaced it with a brand new iPod Mini which is great news as they have been discontinued since the Nano.

The Mini is the most durable iPod they have made, and i adore it. It's now in a silicon case with a screen protector, and will stay perfect for another year.

I was almost going to buy a battery from eBay and do it myself, i'm so glad i didn't as i now have a brand new iPod.


Jul 8, 2006, 04:18 AM
My best experience with my iPod mini is also the stupidest thing I've ever done to it (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=96621):

Well, the worst that ever happened to my mini is when I was walking down a concrete staircase and tried to get something out of the same pocket that my mini was clipped to. So as my hand left the pocket, so did the mini, the earphones jack snapped out and it fell down in front of me and kept tumbling down several steps before stopping. The only protection it had was the belt clip. I picked it up, swearing out load, looked at it, and realised with a shock that it was still playing. I connected the earphones and it played happily on. With the skip protection on these small wonders I'm actually convinced it played continuously through it all. It's still working flawlessly to this day. :D

I put that one on the account for extreme luck, and started securing it extra with the earphones cord. Now I let the cord go into the clip, so that if it tries to "jump" out of my pocket again, hopefully, it will hang from the cord without ever reaching the ground. Luckily, I've never have had to test if the security measures will actually work, as I've become more careful as to put other things in the "iPod mini pocket". ;)
My precious little green mini is still going strong. I might not get a good 9 hours battery life, as I did when it was in its prime, but still get more than I need for an average day's use... :)