View Full Version : Feeler: Rev. B iMac 17''

Jan 2, 2006, 12:28 PM
OK, I'm just vaguely considering selling this, since I've had a hankering for a laptop for college - a big reason I bought an iMac over a laptop was so I could play games like WoW (which is no longer a factor) and also for ripping DVDs, etc so I could watch them on my computer (which would be more useful if I actually had a laptop). In a nutshell, I use my iMac for web browsing, Adium, Office work, etc...stuff easily handled by an iBook. I'm just interested in seeing what this would be worth.

17'' iMac 2.0 Ghz w/ SuperDrive
Has stock 512MB of RAM + 1GB of Crucial RAM from Newegg.
250GB Hard Drive (BTO)
AirPort + Bluetooth installed
Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
Came with iWork '05 disc

Bought it 5 months ago, great condition, except for 1 dead pixel.

Jan 4, 2006, 12:42 AM