View Full Version : Agent18 VideoShield vs. Speck SeeThru for iPod Video

Jan 8, 2006, 03:03 AM
Hey All,

I really wanted to get a clear case for my black iPod video 60gb and I decided to go with the Agent 18 VideoShield. It has been fine for the most part but I have come to become annoyed with the thin white line in the middle of the case and how it can attract some dust and lint through the bottom of the case when it is in my pocket. Does anyone have any experience with the SpeckProducts See-Thru case? I was wondering how it compares to the VideoShield but I can't find any reviews or good pictures of it. Also, are there any other good clear cases out there that you would recommend?

Thanks a lot ahead of time for any help!


Jan 10, 2006, 01:04 AM
alright a few things i wanna point out about the speck seethru case. i work at compusa in nashvile so i had a chance to check out the specks up close for starters the differents shades of colors actually tints your screen, the case isnt frosted more prone to scratches, and the dock cover is just big enough for the dock connector to go through. the agent 18 which i purchased as well for my 60 gig is much better quality, the entire bottom is exposed for better access for cases and 5g itrip, im currently using the belkin tune pod with the ipod mini clear holder removed. works great for all my ipods. i think you went with the better casee, also the speck doesnt have a easy way to remove the ipod no corner slot for a coin to pry it open