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Jan 18, 2006, 08:04 AM
Looking for users to help create a freely available benchmark for photoshop. Would likely require a freely available image, as well as some sort of scripted tasks.

The point would be to provide some standard benchmark for use to compare machines as they come out.

Please add your discussion/thoughts to



Mar 12, 2007, 12:15 PM
Does anyone have a good history of Apple Benchmarks?

I'm comparing two plans:
A) Replace MacPro's every 4 years.
B) Replace iMac's every 2 years.

Lots of things change over that time scale. I can throw a _lot_ of money into the best tower available and keep it for a long time, or I can get a "good" consumer-level system and replace it more often. A 2-year-old iMac will still have great value elsewhere on campus.

I've found this so far. But, with changing processor versions, memory speeds, etc., the CPU speed is not a good comparison.

Date Processor iMac Speed
Aug-98 G3 233
Oct-98 G3 233
Jan-99 G3 266
Apr-99 G3 333
Oct-99 G3 350
Oct-99 G3 400
Jul-00 G3 450
Jul-00 G3 500
Feb-01 G3 600
Jul-01 G3 700
Jan-02 G4 800
Jul-02 G4 800
Feb-03 G4 1000
Aug-03 G4 1250
Nov-03 G4 1250
Aug-04 G5 1600
Aug-04 G5 1800
May-05 G5 2000
Oct-05 G5 2100
Jan-06 CoreDuo 1830
Jan-06 CoreDuo 2000
Sep-06 Core2Duo 1830
Sep-06 Core2Duo 2000
Sep-06 Core2Duo 2160

Date Processor PowerMac/MacPro Speed
Sep-99 G4 350
Sep-99 G4 500
Jan-01 G4 533
Jan-01 G4 667
Jan-01 G4 876
Jan-02 G4 1250
Jan-02 G4 1420
Jun-03 G5 1600
Jun-03 G5 2000
Nov-05 G5 2500
Aug-06 Woodcrest 2000
Aug-06 Woodcrest 2660
Aug-06 Woodcrest 3000


Mar 12, 2007, 01:15 PM
You could try Geekbench 2 (http://browse.geekbench.ca/) or MacSpeedZone (http://macspeedzone.com) . This is a really good comparison of most processors from all manufactures over the last 10 years, proving Moores Law is alive and well. Processor Comparison Chart (http://www.geekpatrol.ca/2006/12/geekbench-comparison-december-2006/)