View Full Version : Help with Canon A620

Artful Dodger
Jan 21, 2006, 08:53 PM
Hi, I just got a Canon A620 today and well...after looking at dpreview.com I'm not sure if my new camera is really working right. The problem seems to be with zoom speed 4x-16x (digital only) is really, really slow (3-6 seconds to zoom out). I called Canon early today and the customer service was great but has anyone else come across this.
It happens in low light, holding it normal but it flys when I point it at my feet or within 1-2ft under a light. Anything else forget it. My A75 is faster than this new A620 which has me :confused: It takes great pictures but I guess I'm sending it back on Monday :( A D50 might be on it's way after this...
Anywho thanks for any input,