View Full Version : pc game servers (for non-idiots)

Feb 11, 2006, 08:00 AM
hey guys,

Sorry to post another PC-games thread!

Just bought that gaming rig I was banging on about (Shuttle SN25p, AMD 4400+ 64X2 -O'C'd to a 4800+, XT1900XT, 2gig ram :) )
However, after my first round of CS:S, I was quickly reminded what idiots frequent the public servers.
The same was with BF2 and DOD:S
So, anyone know off good public/private servers that are strict on hacking and annoying behavior? Also, if they have a good community that would be great.
I know this is a mac forum - but I trust you guys more (and these are the only forums I hangout on) ... ;)