View Full Version : HELP! 30GB Video iPod: Plays just sound ; Not Video!

Feb 12, 2006, 10:34 AM

I put the video on my iTunes & into my playlist for videos.

It is already converted into proper iPod compatible form.

I load the video onto my iPod, but..

When I try and watch the video, only the sound plays and the video does not.
All I can see is a screen like what you see when you are playing a song with the “album artwork” being the picture I see on the “Video” page on iTunes.


Tell me how to put my videos on my iPod so both the video & sound play!!

Thanks a million!

Feb 12, 2006, 11:00 AM
Did you check your video setting on your ipod. Make sure TV out is off.

Feb 12, 2006, 11:55 AM
Did you navigate to the video from the "Videos" division? If you are playing a video podcast from the "Podcasts" listing under the "Music" division, it will only play the sound. Same with a music video. Or if you have a mixed music and video playlist and open it from the "Music" division, the videos play as sound only there too. Go to the "Videos" division to watch them to remedy this. Otherwise yeah, see if your TV Out is set to "On".