View Full Version : SmartDeck and power

Mar 7, 2006, 03:27 PM
Hi guys,

I'm thinking about trying out the SmartDeck from Griffin, although reviews have been so-so thus far. But if it works in my car (an '04 Prius) having control would be very valuable indeed.

However, I'm troubled by the fact that it doesn't seem like the new dock-connector SmartDeck offers any way to power your iPod -- there's no mention of a pass-thru to allow you to connect an external connection to your car accessory charger. Is there any way to get form the dock-connector SmartDeck to a power adaptor in your car? I can't believe Griffin would overlook such a necessary feature, especially when such a feature is implemented in other Griffin devices, like the dock-connector iTrip.

Also, any input on the SmartDeck in general would be much appreciated.

Mar 8, 2006, 02:19 AM
I'm planning to buy a Smartdeck myself at some stage over the next week. I particularly like the fact that it connects to the iPod's dock connector rather than the headphone jack, hence bypassing the iPod's internal amplifier. I'm not too fussed about whether the head unit controls work but, if they do, then that's a bonus.

As far as the power issue is concerned, the review on iLounge notes that the major disadvantage of the Smartdeck (specifically the dock connector verion) is that while it is connected, there is no way to supply power to the iPod. If you feel that it would inconvenience you to ensure that your iPod battery is fully charged before making a long trip then you may be better to consider an iTrip Auto instead, as long as you are willing to put up with the disadvantages associated with using an FM transmission device.