View Full Version : Charging advice needed

Mar 17, 2006, 01:03 PM
Hey folks...

I have a 60gb photo ipod, and every day I take it to work, plug it in via firewire and play it through itunes on my mac (don't want to copy my itunes library onto my work mac), so that I can use my external speakers for both my work (animation) and listening to music.

Am I doing my ipod a disservice by having it plugged in (charging I assume) all day long?

Mar 17, 2006, 01:18 PM
It will wear the battery down at about the same rate as not having it plugged in. Not a huge deal, but just be aware you're going through charging cycles as it sits there, even on the charger. A battery usually lasts between 300-400 charging cycles.

(1 cycle= 100% charge -> 0% charge -> 100% charge OR 100% -> 50% -> 100% -> 50% -> 100%) Makes sense? Or 100 times of 100% -> 99% also equals one cycle which is more like what your iPod is doing if its plugged in during use.

You'd be better off transferring your music to your computer and not using your iPod for that, but like you say, if you don't want to do that I'm not sure if you have another option.