View Full Version : iPod songs missing. Pictures still there.

Apr 2, 2006, 04:51 PM
Last night I was charging my 30 GB iPod and left it in my laptop over night. This morning I removed my iPod to find that my videos and songs had been deleted. I still have all my pictures. I've checked and my laptop isn't set to auto-update. I honestly don't know what happened. If it isn't the auto-update problem then what could it be? Please help.

mad jew
Apr 3, 2006, 01:12 AM
In the About page on your iPod (under Settings), do you still have limited free space as if the songs would be there but aren't being shown?

It happened to me once, I reset the iPod by holding down the top of the click wheel and the middle button and the iPod found the songs again. :)