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Feb 3, 2003, 12:34 PM
Okay, so I was all set to go out and buy an 867 tibook, but then Apple has the audacity to give me more choices and bring forth the mighty 12Ē. I couldnít really care less about airport extreme (I donít use a wireless network) or built in bluetooth (no bluetooth products), but itís the new skin that Iím interested in, namely the Aluminum (a.k.a. non chipping) case. I mean, Iíve heard stories about the tibookís titanium paint chipping away and in my mind I have surmised that a stray dust particle brushing against itís hull will cause scratching or chipping. So now I am deciding between the 12 and the 15.

I am still very interested in the tibook, but, this being my first powerbook, I want it to last a while (at least a year or more) without the thing looking like a rusted VW muffler. So, what Iím asking is exactly how hard is it to scratch or chip the older tibooks? I donít plan on dropkicking it anytime soon, but normal wear (e.g. sitting on desk, bring home, slight pounding of keys after being outsniped in MOH, repeatÖ) is expected.

And also as a bonus question: whatís the best protective product out there for it? Is there a thin see through plastic like casing that slips over it that doesnít deprive it of its Appleicious beauty, but protects its skin?

Thanks for any replies.

Feb 3, 2003, 01:07 PM
I've been slinging my Ti 400 in a backpack and hauling it across London on a daily basis for two years now, sure there's wear and tear on the corners and the hinges, and the thin section below the DVD slot has a hairline crack in it, but the main case is sleek and sound.

I've never used a slip case for it, but I did get a proper Kipling Hacker backpack.

My only suggestion is to get one of the screen guard products that stops the screen rubbing on the keys, I use a piece of synthetic chamios leather, but a piece of felt would do.

The Ti PowerBook isn't as delicate as you'd think.

Feb 3, 2003, 01:43 PM
Hi Das:

I've had a 667Mhz TiBook for 1 1/2 years now and its held up pretty well. I keep it in an Incase slipcase when I bike to work; otherwise I carry it around in a Roadwired bag. I recommend them both.

So far, I haven't had any of the "paint bubbling" that plagued so many 1st generation TiBook owners (knock on wood) and I've heard that each successive generation has better painting jobs.
I agree with WinterMute that the main "silver" body of the Tibook is more rugged than what most people think even with normal wear and tear. However, the lighter colored paint along the borders of the computer does flake off although not horrendously so (especially around the corners and the sound out port). I'm not sure if it comes from moving it in and out of the slipcase/bag, or if it would have come off on its own accord.

I have tried the TiPaint touch-up stuff but it doesn't really work.

You may want to hang on for a month or two until Apple eventually updates the 15" to the Aluminum body/AX/FW800 and then compare the two. As an added bonus, the TiBook will then likely have a very nice price drop when this happens.

Feb 3, 2003, 02:37 PM
My first Rev A 500 TiBook, got the same treatment as WinterMutes... being slung over my shoulder, and having to put up with the daily grid-iron of the Tube.... (a more testing, test department!!) and when after almost 2 years I sold it, with zero damages, no scratches, no flacky paint, no marked screen from keys etc etc... generally in top notch, as new condition..... Fair enough I did take care of it, but as you would do if you paid 3k for anything.... and as such when it came to selling it at Christmas I got top dollar for it...... :)

I replaced it with the new 1GHz version, and no worries here on fit and finish..... it's also sturdier feeling than my Rev A one, and the paint finish feels slightly different.... alittle rougher..... and the screen shut's with a Mercedes quality thunk....

I'd take the 15 over the 12 any day of the week.... but then I'd take the 17 over the 15 anyday of the week.... but that's why I'm ordering a 17 as well.... heh heh!!

As for a clear slip case, I use a the pink bubble wrap one that Apple send out when DHL come to collect it for repair.... it's actually quite funky, and protects the finish from the laptop bag....

That's my secret..... you should give DHL a call...

Remember though.... I very much doubt the Aluminium PowerBook is totally scratch resistant, although it'll be beter than the Ti's.... I'd still take care of it if I were you, then when you upgrade, the better the condition, the better the trade-in/resale value!!


Sun Baked
Feb 3, 2003, 03:33 PM
Like pots & pans and bicycles, the coating of the Aluminum Powerbooks will wear thin and/or scratch if heavily used and/or abused.

But it "should" hold up a bit better than a painted finish.

Feb 3, 2003, 03:33 PM
Wow, thanks for all of the quick and extremely useful input. It lays to rest a lot of my worries about going the ti route. I think Iíll go ahead and get the 867 since itís about $2000 at the campus store. If most reports about the May/June timeline of the new 15Ē pbs are correct, Iím afraid Iíd have a brain hemorrhage if I waited any longer. Besides, I kinda like the fact that it still can boot up in OS9. Not that I plan on using it much (using it on a tibook instead of X is like using DOS on an alienware PC), but itís still nice to have the option.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions!

Feb 4, 2003, 05:27 AM
Originally posted by Sun Baked
Like pots & pans and bicycles, the coating of the Aluminum Powerbooks will wear thin and/or scratch if heavily used and/or abused.

But it "should" hold up a bit better than a painted finish.

True.... kind of makes you wonder why Apple didn't just anodise the TiBook...

Fair enough anodising Titanium is a bit of a specialised art.... but it can be done....