View Full Version : 12" iBook G3 900 - LBRE?

Apr 7, 2006, 09:50 AM
Well, my trusty iBook is dead again. Had the logic board replaced twice within the last 12 months :(

Now, I'm not so sure what the problem is:

It did stay black when i tried to wake it from sleep. I force-shut down it. pressed the power button and it stayed black. I tried it several times with different results.

Once I mistook it to be running and pressed the power button longer to force it to shut down, but instead did something else, no idea what: it made a beep I had never heard befor and the sleep light flashed wildly.

Now I get a lot of graphic errors, grey horizontal lines or dark red horizontal lines.

I get the boot sound allright, I tried resetting the NVRAM and zapping the PRAM. I can boot into Open Firmware.
If I type reset-all it reboots, searches for the startup disk and starts to boot OS X and freezes.
If I type mac-boot the screen goes black and stays that way.
If I type boot it promts: MAC-PARTS: bad partition can't OPEN: hd:,\\:txbi
If I just stay in the OF promt for a while doing nothing, I get graphical erros :(

What can I do? I have no phone, only mobile, calling AppleCare will kost me 0.50€/min. I called a AASP technician I now and he told me that LBRE only covers one replacement

Apr 8, 2006, 04:56 AM
Hold down the Option key at startup to get the bootloader and see if you get a Mountable HD volume, IF you do then:
You can put in a CD/DVD install disk at the bootloader and boot from the DVD and do an Archive and install, that will fix an Operating system errors if there are any.
If you cant see a HD at the bootloader then your HD is prob dead and it could be RAM issues,
Ive seen RAM issues with the flashing light and tones before.

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