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Feb 5, 2003, 11:58 PM
Here is an interesting writing (http://www.furia.com/twas/twas0415.html), i found this at Macslash (http://www.macslash.org/articles/03/02/05/1437205.shtml) .

"The more you use a Mac, and the more of its secrets you learn (and the bizarre truth is that although simple tasks are designed to be much simpler on the Mac than on a PC, the Mac is also much more deeply and pervasively capable of being tweaked and customized and automated and shortcutted), the more you will like it. This is exactly, radically, totally the opposite of what happens in Windows, where every damn thing you learn after the first ten minutes will make you hate it more and more violently.

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Feb 6, 2003, 07:36 PM
Here is the news I have heard from the grape-vine (a person who networks and is a major M$ supporter). He says about the new opperating system that it is suppose to be 128 bit. Intel is apparently developing a 128-bit processor that is NOT backward compatable with older hardware or software. M$ is developing a 128-bit Windows version from the ground-up that will NOT have legacy support for 16 or 32-bit software. The thing is, that M$ will have this in the workings for many years, and during that time when they are testing it, many companies will probably find work-arounds which M$ will incorperate into the OS, which will once again, make it buggier than ever.

Here is another thing I found very funny posted on the Symantec site:

After running Speed Disk under Windows XP, the drive is still fragmented
You are running Speed Disk under Windows XP. Speed Disk may seem to run slower than the 2001 version, and after completion, the drive still shows significant fragmentation.

Speed Disk for Windows XP does not use the native Speed Disk driver. Instead it uses the Microsoft MoveFile API. This results in less functionality and less thoroughness for Speed Disk, though moves are now handled in a "Microsoft-approved" manner.

As a result of the migration away from the Norton Speed Disk driver, higher amounts of fragmentation may remain on the drive after Speed Disk completes. Speed Disk for Windows XP does not touch system files, system folders, or Master File Table (MFT). In addition, some of the fragmented files are unmovable, such as the _Restore files and the Pagefile. Therefore, higher fragmentation rates may be reported, especially for the System Volume Information folder. However, fragmentation will still be much lower than it was before running Speed Disk, and file placement will be optimized.

Once you have established a baseline fragmentation level that the operating system is not going to allow you to get beyond, you can adjust the alarm level in the System Doctor sensor so that it is not red all the time.

Notice how the website itself makes fun of microsoft by putting quotes around "Microsoft-approved". This is the future of Windows. Soon, microsoft will keep the volume map on a server that you must log onto before you can start Windows;-)

Feb 7, 2003, 12:25 PM
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Feb 16, 2003, 08:50 PM
a little long, but decent. nothing of real substance though. it did say all the right things... "just worked" "powerbook" etc etc.