View Full Version : iPod photo "pause error" still an issue?

May 1, 2006, 03:34 PM

I'm considering buying a new iPod photo 60GB on eBay, but then I read the following on wikipedia.org:

These iPods have a glitch that causes them to pause on their own, despite the hold switch being activated. A headphone contact switch, in coordination with iPod's auto-pause feature, is supposed to pause the music playback if the headphones are disconnected, but incorrectly detects that the headphones have been removed. This erroneous detection occurs with some third-party headphones (such as Sennheiser models), but users have also reported experiencing the problem with the supplied Apple earbuds. The likely cause for this malfunction is that a small metal disk on the base of the earphone plugs makes electrical contact with the metallic back of iPod, tripping the detection mechanism. To fix this problem, a small piece of cellophane wrap with a hole in it or a thin, non-conductive washer may be placed between the headphone jack and the plug.

Is this still a problem with the photo-iPods or is it fixed with a new firmware update?
Is this also a problem on the new 5th gen iPods?

Thanks in advance for answers!