View Full Version : Nooo! I think I just messed up my Roller Coaster Tycoon Game!

May 18, 2006, 09:59 PM
My computer, a emac 10.39 or something, had to be set to low quality on the game, so I played it like that for the past few months, but I decided tonight, to set it to "extreme" quality graphics to just.. well, see how totally awesome it looked. Anyhoo, When I did that it kinda froze, well not really, the music was still playing and the mouse was moving, but i couldn't quit or click on anything. So I forced quit, but then when I start the game, you can hear everything, but the screen is totally black! :eek: What am I going to do, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! This is like, the only thing I do on the computer because I have school and stuff, and I really had fun! You're my last hope. =( *helllp*

May 18, 2006, 10:01 PM
oops was this supposed to be a video game board? :confused: