View Full Version : Kludging "Kingpin: Life of Crime" for Mac

Slappy F
Feb 18, 2003, 06:07 AM
This is a little off the beaten path, I admit, but Im hoping someone out there is clever enough to help me:

I wanna run a dedicated Kingpin: Life of Crime server off my wifes old (pre-OS-X) iMac. I know it was never ported to Mac (commercially, anyway), but I have Quake 2 on that machine already, and since the Kingpin engine is a souped-up variant of Q2s, Im hoping there might be some way to kludge it (maybe using KPs pak files)?

If it cant be done without porting the Kingpin EXE to Mac, is there any chance someone programming-saavy would be willing to consider the task? I couldnt offer anything but gratitude (and VIP status on the KP server, of course), but I doubt Im the only one whod appreciate and use it. Im not a programmer, but I suspect a lot of the code could be copied from Q2, too (since were not talking about a client just a down-and-dirty, functioning dedicated server).

Id have asked Xatrix, the company that made it, but apparently they were defunct the day KP came out. Wanna-be fans of KP for Mac are basically orphans. The fact that Hexen 2s been ported by a third-party, though, gives me a glimmer of hope that Mac users will get to enjoy Kingpin in all its glory... someday.


All constructive replies would be appreciated.