View Full Version : Good 3D flying /combat game for the Mac please?

Jun 2, 2006, 05:11 PM
I'm looking for a good 3D flying / combat game for OSX please.

I used to go hang-gliding at Dartmoor in the UK. Now my pilot's licence is expired and I live in London, so am looking for other ways to get my soaring kicks.

I grew up playing Elite on my old Acorn Electron (with 32 kilobytes of memory!) and I loved the 3D space combats.

Later on, I played Descent on the university network but it didn't have the same floaty feel.

Shooters like Doom or Quake, while fun, are all too earthbound for me.

Bugdom was a game that came with a friend's new iBook where you played a bug against the evil ants. I spent ages crusing around the flying dragonfly level, not bothering with the gamestory.

Another game that had that 'floaty' feel I'm looking for was the arcade game Propcycle (http://videogameworkout.com/2005/09/propcycle.html) where you pedalled around on a balloon/hanglider/bicyle thing, and did various swoopy/ soaring stuff, bursting ballons and banking around clouds.

Any suggestions?

Maybe one of the StarWars games? I've not played many of them.

Many thanks