View Full Version : Coredata/bindings & numbers

Jun 26, 2006, 01:04 PM

If have a strange (at least to me) bug in my simple program.
One of my entities has a number (decimal, integer, whatever: I tried a few) attribute.
I have a textfield with numberformatter attached to it to display and edit this number. It's all hooked up through a nsmanagedobject and bindings.
This entity also has other attributes, which aren't numbers of any kind and they work fine (at last).
Now, I edit the value (!= default or min value) of my number and save the file as xml. When I open this xml file I can find the value I entered in the file. So it's being stored correctly. However when I reopen the file with my program I get a numerical value that has no bearings on either the default value or the value I entered.

Any idea where it goes wrong?

PS. as a self taught programmer, I just love cocoa, coredata and bindings. It makes my programs much beter than I could even make myself. Although they are still pretty basic, they work good enough for me.