View Full Version : ibook keyboard 1/3 dead help!

Jul 27, 2006, 08:42 AM
this is stupid but i know it happens i knocked a beer over on my g3 ibook about a month ago and all the keys on the the center of the keyboard went out

i took off the keyboard and cleaned up the best i could and all the keys from top to bottom down the center of the keyboard wont work

i have another g3 ibook that has the faulty logic board that was recalled but it was out of warranty and the apple store i went to when the screen went out never told me of this recall and said it would be a few hundred to replace the screen so i opted for opening it up myself , thus voiding the recall apparently .

anyway what i ws getting at was i ws going to swap the keyboard out but they are 2 different sizes and it doesnt fit. i have a new 17" intel imac coming today so ill live but it would be nice to be able to use this ibook as a laptop but its 800mhz 512 ram so im not putting any money into a new keybord .

if this has happened or someone has an idea on how to bring the keys back to life youll be my hero thanks

if i posted this in the wrong place sorry im new to the forum and also apologize if its a task reading this i kinda hard i stopped writing like a human years ago