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Aug 6, 2006, 09:22 PM
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Link: New Widget Allows Multiple Dashboards (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20060806222226)
Description:: MultiDash 3.0 allows you to create different Dashboard workspaces and easily switch between them. Widgets can be arranged any way that you please, and you can call your custom workspace anything you wish. And of course, MultiDash can hold an unlimited amount of workspaces.

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Aug 6, 2006, 09:24 PM
To change dashboards the dock has to restart.
And that take to long.
I love America!

Aug 6, 2006, 09:36 PM
Interesting idea. Basically like a desktop manager for the dashboard space. But I don't see much need for that much widgetary action. :o Can anyone comment on using enough widgets to make this worthwhile?

Fearless Leader
Aug 6, 2006, 09:52 PM
oh goody even more space to burn up ram :)

Aug 6, 2006, 11:33 PM
Can't seen to download-a file not on server error.

Aug 7, 2006, 12:03 AM
I hope Leopard has this.

Aug 7, 2006, 12:21 AM
I use the icartoon widget and on sunday with the bigger cartoons my dashboard is rather craped, this might help, but only on sunday... :p

Aug 7, 2006, 10:54 AM
An even more useful thing to do is to use tinkertool to completely disable the dashboard and all of its ram sucking glory!

Aug 7, 2006, 05:35 PM
I hope Leopard has this.
Apparently it does.

Aug 7, 2006, 05:56 PM
Apparently it does.

:) Yep. Another reason to buy leopard.

Aug 7, 2006, 09:58 PM
Where does it say Leopard supports multiple Dashboard layouts? Are you confusing a MultiDash feature with Spaces?