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Mar 15, 2003, 01:37 PM
Operating a PC I felt like I had one hand tied behind my back trawling through the system trying to keep a handle on everything. Within a couple of months of owning a Mac I understand where all my files are, how to manage modify and play with them.

On a PC I was never quite sure when those "Shut down now" boxes would appear. The worst that happens with the mac is that I have to click a button to Force Quit an application with no apparent side effects on the system. And according to my crash log, since replacing a defective RAM chip and partitioning, there has never been a blip on my daily 10.2.4 partition, and the glitches on a highly abused "betas partition" has never forced me to restart the system in order to keep working.

Thanks to the stability and the unerring intuitive ability of the Mac and Jaguar, I am able to do all manner of tasks and multi media projects with no previous knowledge of this set up.

Plus, having paid a premium for the Powerbook and taken a lot of flak from PC owners about the price and the limitations of the Mac - no software blah blah blah - I have spent just 60 extra on Appleworks and not had to pay a penny more for a single byte of the extra software and utilities that reside on my betas partition. (It's all there on the internet, and the interfaces are all alike with not a trace of garish Windows style candy.)

And having bought into the Apple community, if I have a problem, it does not matter that I am the only PB owner in this town. Solutions are all on the internet in forums like this. Likewise it is irrelevant that none of the shops know anything about Macintosh. It is all available on the internet and through the post.

So, goodbye PC and Windows. Even if XP is like nothing that has gone before, I am happy with the product and the philosophy of the minority Mac. I have a feeling that this Powerbook really is a long term investment, another concept that does not equate with a PC.

Mar 15, 2003, 02:01 PM
Welcome to the community, billyboy! I always say, the difference between PCs and Macs is that Macs work. But Mac users are special too. Enjoy!

Mar 15, 2003, 08:48 PM
welcome! There is an introduce yourself type thread in the
community discussion. It is 'sticky' meaning it is always at the
top of the list. You may want to introduce yourself there.

I hope you enjoy MacRumors! :D