View Full Version : Address Book & eMac screen questions

Mar 16, 2003, 05:42 PM
First of all does anyone know how to add to the directory section of the address book? I can't find a way to do this.

Secondly my eMac screen looks sort of slanted. What I mean is that the margin of black space at the top-left is small, but at the bottum left it's greater. The top-right is large, but the bottum-right is smaller. Is this normal? Can it be fixed? Should I take it to the repair shop?

Dont Hurt Me
Mar 16, 2003, 05:44 PM
go into your system preference, then displays and then geometry there you can move it around in any way you want.

Mar 16, 2003, 06:33 PM
It doesn't work. I can get it close enough but there is always a change in the margin somewhere. I think I need to bring it in.