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Hockey Nut
Mar 16, 2003, 07:15 PM
I currently have a G3 imac (2001 blue firewire). I am going to buy a new Powermac for me (Yea Ha!), give the G3 to my son for his room, and get an ibook for my daughter.

My question is airport, since I would like all three machines to be able to use the cable modem, but don't want to run wires.

1. How do I tell if the G3 currently has an airport card. I do get software updates for airport, but am not sure if the mcahine even has it.

2. Which Airport base station do I need? The one with or without the antenna.

3. Do I run the ethernet cable from the cable modem to the airport base and that's it?

4. What sharing settings for the 3 computers?

Thanks for your help. I've learned a great deal reading this forum, and it has helped greatly in making my buying decision.

Mar 16, 2003, 07:59 PM
1) Assuming you're using OS X, once you install an Airport card, an Airport icon automatically shows up in the menubar. You can also go to your Network preferences and under 'Show:' there would be an option for Airport. If it's not there, go to the last option (Network Port Configurations) and see if Airport shows up. If not, then most likely you don't have an Airport card installed. Of course, the best way to check is to go to the back of the iMac and check to see if it's actually there (go here for instructions) (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=58537).
2) Depends on how much distance there will be between the computers. The one without an antenna port should be enough for a regular sized house.
3) Yes, I believe that is it!
4) If you mean sharing files between the computers, go to Sharing in System Preferences. If you mean sharing the internet connection, all you have to do is turn on Airport in the menubar!

Hockey Nut
Mar 16, 2003, 08:19 PM
Thanks a lot. That's what I needed to know.