View Full Version : Scoble buys a Mac

Aug 15, 2006, 03:16 PM
More Apple commentary from the ex-Microsoftie. Apparently, Macs crash a lot. Pah - must be a lemon... ;)

Scobelizer (http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/2006/08/15/suprise-of-the-month-macs-crash/)

Aug 15, 2006, 05:16 PM
All computers crash, but Macs are much more stable and don't tend to take down an entire system.

To be honest, I can't tell whether he's being serious or sarcastic when he talks of Macs crashing. If he honestly believed what some people say, (i.e. they don't crash ever), he must be pretty out of touch with parts of the industry.