View Full Version : M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Digital Output Issue

Aug 26, 2006, 12:03 AM

I am having some issues with my M-Audio Revolution 7.1 PCI card. I have it installed in my G5 1.8 with Mac OS X 10.4.7, with the latest drivers (1.4.1). The analog output works as expected, but I have no use for it. What I need to use is the Digital Coaxial output.

Unfortunately, whatever I do, I cannot get any sound output from this port. It is connected to my Sony Receiver with a Monster Digital Coaxial cable, but the setup doesn't seem to work.

I have Revolution Digital Out chosen in Sound control panel, and the Digital setup selected in the M-Audio utility. The utility doesn't really show any changes in its sound bars when I play something (but they strangely move when I move the cursor around).

So I have no idea what's going on. I am tempted to throw this card out and just use the digital optical sound output of the G5, but the $40 Monster Optical Cable I have is probably the crappiest cable ever made. It won't even stay in the jack when I plug it in.

Any suggestions? I have my 6.1 surround system all set up but I can't use it because of these issues. Any help is very much appreciated, thanks!