View Full Version : PowerBook Wallstreet Power Issues...

Sep 14, 2006, 09:00 PM
I got a PB Wallstreet from a friend. The battery was dead.

The battery would light up when it was first plugged in and you hit the button but after a while the computer would say it wasn't there and the light would go off.

I bought a new battery. It came up to 17% charged. It didn't move. I reset the OF and PRAM. It came up to 0% charged. It didn't move.

I bought a new "charge board" and the other board which connects to it to form a "T" which is what actually connects to the batteries. Nothing changed.

Any suggestions?

I bought 512 MB RAM for this, two 256s, off eBay. One 256 only comes up to 128 because it turns out it has to be arranged in a certian way.

I bought screen supports for it. Bought them on the 6th IIRC. They still won't ship until the 20th.

I bought a USB card for it. Then I found out that you can't have more than one powered device at once and it won't work with my iPod at all.

The CardBus WiFi adaptor I had which I thought would work with OS X does not.

The USB WiFi adaptor I had which I thought would work with OS X, also does not.

The only thing that I changed since I got it which DID work was the sound input board. I didn't buy a new one though, I resoldered the audio jack myself ... and *that* is what does work. Sort of ironic.

EDIT: Oh, and this is also it... http://homepage.mac.com/ryan42/cardshot.mov

I think it doesn't like me much.