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Sep 15, 2006, 11:55 PM
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Link: OOoCon2006 - the OS X video (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20060916005556)
Description:: OpenOffice.org conference videos of Eric Bachard's lecture and the NeoOffice presentations from Patrick Luby & Ed Peterlin.

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Sep 16, 2006, 02:10 PM
Man, I'm a freaking programmer and this puts me to sleep.

Sep 16, 2006, 08:53 PM
NeoOffice programmers are gods. At programming. Not at presentations. :)

Sep 17, 2006, 05:39 PM
The third video about converting it to Aqua is great. I am not a CS guy by any stretch of the imagination and their explanations held my interest and revealed quite a bit about the OS X Aqua interface.