View Full Version : Ned help with eMac hard drive.

Old Smuggler
Sep 16, 2006, 02:49 AM
for the last year ive had my emac the only flaw that it has had was that it would emit this high-pitched noise randomly for long periods of time
At first i thought it was the crt because it was similar to the noise of an old tv but much louder
well now after much searching the net im finding out it is the hard drive
the hard drive is a
model # ST380011
listed here

it is an
Ultra ATA/100 drive

if i buy another drive off of ebay what size can my emac go up to and still be recognizable

and also what format do the drives come in when you buy them Fat32?

would it be as simple as hooking it up and runing OSX tiger install and do an erase and install osx journaled?

if installed an other than factory drive would i be able to boot the system disks the same by holding "c" down

Sep 16, 2006, 09:56 AM
Sorry I don't know the hardware details, but I do know it's easy to have the HD re-formatted for Mac when you install OS X, or using Disk Utility. (I bought a LaCie HD and it was already formatted for Mac, but others will come Win-formatted.)

Also, you CAN boot a Mac from an external drive. I copied my whole OS X installation to my iPod, plugged the iPod into another Mac, and booted off that!

Just choose the external in System Preferences, or else hold Option-Command-Shift-Delete during startup.

Old Smuggler
Sep 16, 2006, 12:12 PM
ok just wondering if i could take it out of the box install it hold "c" down and format it by erase and install
or do i need a firewire enclosure first

i was thinking about this


250 GB should be sufficient i think for an emac
alot more than my 80 it came with
250 for 100$ is reasonable it seems if you go any higher the price shoots to 200$

dont know if i will buy it from newegg or owc

Sep 16, 2006, 12:29 PM
Well I put 200gig in my eMac, and it was fine. Formatted to about 186 or something.

when you've put it in its pretty simple, just start with OS X disc in and jobs a good en, go to Utilities > Disk Utility in the OS X setup and format it all from there. Then you are ready to install OS X.

Old Smuggler
Sep 16, 2006, 12:48 PM
wow thanks ive had the emac apart before and installed the bluetooth module and antennae my self that wasnt too bad
but this will be alot trickier