View Full Version : Viewer-Canvas output same in multiclip realtime!?

Oct 20, 2006, 07:21 AM
Ok so more problems!?

Im making a multiclip edit in realtime using 4 different camera angles. Ive already had it working and made an edit. Now im wanting to re-edit it, showing 4 angles in realtime in the viewer as before. But it doesnt seem to want to let me watch all the angles in the viewer. instead when i press space in the timeline, the canvas and viewer play out the same images!?

I had this problem yesterday, and then it seemingly just sorted itself out without my input!?

Ive tried re-starting FCP and checked the following;

- made a multiclip sequence, using the 4 clips.
- Synced them all to start at the same point in the film.
-changed my RT pop-up settings to allow multiclip playback, along with lowering the playback and frame quality settings to as not to overburden the system.
-in my viewer and canvas playhead sync, theyre both open.

But still, when i press play in the timeline, the output is the same in the viewer and canvas...!? Whats else could it be?

Oct 20, 2006, 08:19 AM
to advance on that. i have noticed a small area where the playback in the viewer snaps back into multiangle setting, and this corresponds to an area in the timeline with a green bar in the video rendering status bar above the playhead.

still dont know how to alter it so the whole sequence is able to be re-edited in realtime!?