View Full Version : Music streaming server up

Oct 31, 2006, 02:17 PM
Well you know how it is with old retired folk, we have to have something to do, so in conjunction with my Blues In The Night Podcast available through iTunes podcast section, i set up a music streaming server today just to see if i could do it. Your all invited to drop by and give it a try. I have a library of aprox. 1210 songs in various genres. Mostly Blues, Blues Rock, Rock, Bluegrass, jazz, Zydeco and about 14 of my latest podcasts.

Fire up your web browsers and

The server will be up for a couple of days shake down run so log in and i will get your account online as quick as possible. Those logging in before 7 pm Oklahoma time tonight, will be validated by 7pm tonight, those logging in during the night will be validated by 5:30am Wed.

Give it a try and if enough of you like it i will probably make it permanet.