View Full Version : video input device?

Feb 26, 2002, 06:38 AM
I'm getting into home video editing with the PowerMac G4 using a Sony Handy Cam 8. I was using a PC with Premiere 6 and an ATI all-in-wonder card for video input. I'm stuck still using PC to get movie then I send them over to the Mac. (I know DV is great but there something about 8mm griddy quality).
I need a video input. I'm not into realtime editing so I don't need a Pinnicle 5$million card. Plus I'm limited to the quality of the cam any how. My quesition is what is a good cheap video input device (up to $200) that do work with Premiere 6 and Final Cut Pro 2 .

Mar 2, 2002, 06:08 PM
Try either the Hollywood DV-Bridge from www.dazzle.com or The Formac Studio unit from www.formac.com

I guess MacWarehouse, or CompUSA would stock these items, but they're priced around the $250-300 mark.

They are undoubtedly the easiest way to get analogue footage into your Mac via the Firewire port.