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Feb 27, 2002, 11:39 AM
Do any of the three video cards offered with the new G4s allow for two VGA monitors (I have two already and want to wait on flat$) setup in extended desktop mode (not mirroring)? Not a gamer so not concerned about having raging 3D graphics.

Do they do it with an adapter?, which one?

tanks in advance,

Feb 27, 2002, 11:57 AM
Here's the scoop:
According to Apple's info -
Dual Display. Each card offers built-in dual display support in two useful modes. Extended Desktop mode allows users to work on two monitors at once for increased desktop real-estate (and increased productivity). Video mirroring is useful when presenting, so you can see the same image on a projector that you're seeing on your Apple display. The Radeon 7500 and GeForce4 MX cards can drive an ADC based Apple flat panel as well as any device with a VGA connector by simply attaching both monitors. The new GeForce4 Titanium card contains both an ADC port as well as a DVI port and can drive two ADC monitors with the addition of a third-party DVI-I to ADC adapter, such as the Dr. Bott DVIator adapter. The GeForce4 Titanium card also ships with a DVI to VGA adapter to connect VGA monitors to the card's DVI port.
So you would need at least one DVIator to go from ADC to DVI, and then a DVI-VGA adaptor like this one:

Hope this helps!

Feb 27, 2002, 12:12 PM
Here's an adaptor allowing you to connect a VGA monitor to your ADC port: