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Nov 28, 2006, 03:05 PM

My company has some money left over for me to buy whatever I may need for next year. The deal is the budget for 07 is being cut. So we are trying to get what we need for next year now.

So far I got Stock images on CD that I needed. I am looking around for websites that sells the following:

Clipart images vector EPS and Royalty Free Photos

Fonts: I went to My Font but the cost for a decent CD with not soo radical fonts is 500-700. Does anyone have recomendations of font cds that are in 100-200 range our company uses Helvetica and Arial soo along the Sans Seriff family.

Program: Program that increases the resolution and improve the quality of a low res images. I remember last time this program was owned by Extensis but I cant find it on their site or I am not looking at the correct place.

I am posting this because I have few days to submit my information so I am trying to get as much done and finish my design on time and well >< must rely on forums for that help. Yay for deadlines my college version of Finals.

Thank You

Blue Velvet
Nov 28, 2006, 03:15 PM
Bearing in mind that you're looking for value...

Ingram do some pretty cheap royalty-free collections

Fonts: our last big purchase was done locally (UK) from Fontworks, they had a deal on Linotype and a number of different foundries at the time where if you purchased 100 families you got an extra 10 free. So it may be worth looking at smaller 3rd-party distributors to see if there are any deals. And ask yourself this: do I really need every variant in a family?

Program that increases the resolution and improve the quality of a low res image

Clipart EPSs? Sorry, not my thing.