View Full Version : Gapless playback bug?

Dec 20, 2006, 09:28 AM
iTunes seems to have problems with the new gapless playback feature with extremely short songs (5 seconds or less) - namely, it sometimes sets the switchover point far too early, resulting in strange overlapping. This is most noticeable in a playlist consisting of nothing but these types of songs.

iTunes for Windows is worse than iTunes for Mac with this issue... it'll sometimes stop playing altogether when the overlap occurs. Anyone else noticed this, or have any workarounds?

Dec 20, 2006, 09:34 AM
Do you have crossfade turned off in prefs? Might be a silly question but worth asking!

Dec 20, 2006, 09:35 AM
Do you have crossfade turned off in prefs? Might be a silly question but worth asking!
Yes, I do have crossfade turned off... I don't like crossfading very much.

Dec 20, 2006, 09:37 AM
Just checking, I could see very short tracks having problems with crossfade active but I guess it isn't that...

Mar 30, 2007, 07:54 PM
I have a playlist that stops playing after playing through four items in the list. I can start it anywhere in the list and sure enough, after playing four selections it stops. Here are some facts about the problem:
- I have all the check-boxes checked.
- Playlist length: 600 entries
- Type: mp3 encoded snippets of Chinese language phrases.
- File size: ranges from 12KB-18KB per mp3 (<= 1 second)
- When it stops the progress bar is about at about 2/3, with the left side showing either 0:00 or 0:01 and the right side showing either -0:00 or -0:01 and the pause button is still showing (as though the selection was still playing)
- It will start playing again if I hit the pause button twice (once to toggle it to pause and then to go back to play)
- All the files play fine individually
- Reducing the playlist size doesn't help
- Moving the files to a new play list doesn't help
- Deleting and re-adding the files doesn't help

The playlist plays all the way through on my iPod without stopping but maybe every 100 entries or so it will play the next 4-8 without any sound and then continue as normal.

I have over 8000 other mp3 language snippets just like these in other playlists but the files are bigger(from 20KB-60KB)and they play through the whole list just fine. If I put files from the offending list into one of the other lists the other list will often stop playing just after that song. I'm curious whether iTunes has a problem handling really small files because this problem was happening in all my playlists of this type until I sorted them into lists of different file sizes. Now only the list with the smallest files (<20KB) has the problem.

Can anyone help?

Toshiba R10 Tablet PC Windows XP Pro iTunes with 20G iPod